Book Review #17 - Lock 7 by Dean Serravalle

Good Day,

Lock 7
by Dean Serravalle

An insightful glance into the life of a gangster having countryside origin.

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Leo Meurso, a gangster double-crosses dangerous man that he should have not meddled with in the wrong way. Knowing his death is imminent, he returns to his home town after 20 years to make his peace. In a series of events he meets the town fool, old friends and enemies, crashes the wedding of his ex-girlfriend and much more.
What will end first, life or purpose?

The best thing about this book, in my opinion, is the metaphor the author has so tastefully used. I have had immense pleasure reading the story of a character who is highly observant about the things around him, yet is totally indifferent to the circumstances he is in. This creates a tension that takes the reader along in search of its resolution. The author is also exceptionally good at introducing new characters organically. At some point, the reader may feel that the situation the book currently is lingering for a long time. Though it doesn’t hurt the narrative flow, it might be better if some of the more minor details were not dwelt upon as much. But I would say that this does not apply to the description of the surroundings. The author has lucidly written them and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. The small-town setting of the book has made it extremely attractive which has been a new experience for me in the form of a book.

My opinion: Great Book. Do read it...


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